Episode 27

Published on:

11th Mar 2022

My interview with Murielle Fellous

I interviewed Murielle Fellous. Murielle is an Entrepreneur, podcaster, author, certified Quantum Life Coach, EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) Tapping specialist, and an Advanced Reiki Practitioner. Murielle states that being a single mom was hard enough, but when her children became teenagers and began acting out in self-destructive ways, the fear and feelings of powerlessness became overwhelming, and she unknowingly spiraled into depression. It was during this time that she decided to apply what she taught her client in an even more intensive way and double her use of EFT as a foundation of self-healing. Utilizing EFT on herself enabled her to interrupt the emotional spiraling.  EFT eases the physical response we feel to anxiety or trauma by tapping meridian points on the body and intercepting the "fight, flight or freeze response".Co-parenting with the Universe"

Murielle founded Co-parenting with the Universe podcast and coaching business. She helps single moms prevent the downward spiraling into negative emotions and depression so that they can connect with their power and inner wisdom to co-parent with the Universe. She's the co-author of the book Co-Parenting With The Universe. Murielle's mission is to ensure that no single mom would struggle alone as I did!

I encourage everyone to follow her be transformed through her insights.

Everyone has a story, and this is her story.
Below are the sites that house her work.


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